No more paper guidance letters.

FormKlub takes care of the entire administration of digital driving

Fully integrated in TMS

The ScoreTrace TMS ensures complete integration with FormKlub. In the end, the accompanying letter is automatically created at FormKlub and forwarded to the driver.

Digital guidance letters

The guidance letters will be saved for 5 years. This ensures that you can work digitally. Nothing needs to be archived within your own organization or that of your contacts.

On-board computers and apps

The guidance letter is visible on on-board computers, tablet or telephone. You only need an internet connection for reading the guidance letters.

Possible devices

Boardcomputers and apps of the suppliers below are currently suported :

  • ScoreTrace APP;
  • Trimble;
  • Groeneveld;
  • LogiAPP;

Contact us directly

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We develop smart solutions for planning and tracking in the transport sector. We do this with active and passive RFID technology. This way we save our customers a lot of money and make life a bit more pleasant. Who does not want that?



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