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Insight in the exacte location of your assets at any moment of the day.

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You always want to know where your valuable goods are. That's what Track & Trace has been developed for.

RFID and barcodes

The secret of our system is RFID. With passive and active chips, every asset history is tracked. Even on the road with our truck module.


The possibilities for applications with ScoreTrace Track & Trace are endless. Think of:

  • Wrapping
  • Packaging
  • Valuable goods
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Containers

Versatile, universal and expandable

With our truck module, the system can also be used at multiple locations and on the road. Trace both packaging and contents of packaging with barcodes, passive and active RFID technologies.

Reporting: overview and history

Get new insights such as ‘what type of where’, ‘where how much’ and ‘how long on average’ with our extensive management overviews. The value of assets can directly be retrieved per location, owner or client.

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We develop smart solutions for planning and tracking in the transport sector. We do this with active and passive RFID technology. This way we save our customers a lot of money and make life a bit more pleasant. Who does not want that?