TMS Tipper Transport

The best package for planning tipper transport.

Both your planning and your administration fully automated. With reason used the most.

All-In-One package

From order entry through to concept invoice. Our TMS for tipper transport is truly a complete package. Even the mutual exchange of orders and the hiring of freelancers is a piece of cake.

Insight into the planning

Make a planning by dragging orders, check status with location data of cars on the map. Automatically send mail to the clients, contractors, the asphalt plant and hired transporters and keep in touch with the drivers via the board computer and app on the tablet & mobile phone.

Insight for the driver

Perhaps the most important thing of a good planning is insight for the driver. With links to various board computers, mail & SMS notifications and an android app, the driver has the insight he needs.

Insight for the management

With accurate project administration, digital daily reports and financial overviews, not only the management has excellent insight, the administration is also completely unburdened by this automation.

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We develop smart solutions for planning and tracking in the transport sector. We do this with active and passive RFID technology. This way we save our customers a lot of money and make life a bit more pleasant. Who does not want that?



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