No doubt it’s the most efficient cabin check in the world.

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With Salis you can perform a complete cabin check within 10 minutes. On your own.

Cabin check

Check all necessary equipment in the cabin in no time. Not only on presence, but also on status, shelf life and location of the individual items.

Overview and insight

With an overview of seats and location of the equipment in the plane, you don’t have to spend time on the equipment that’s okay. You only have to follow the missing, broken and expired equipment. That saves a lot of time. Moreover, all data of a check is stored, with which a valuable history is built up.

How it works



As an employee you log in and start a new check.


Scan the plane

Upon entering you read out the specific aircraft information. The system then retrieves the correct data for the cabin check.


Scan the equipment

Make a round by plane to scan all equipment.


Solve the issues

You can now exactly see which equipment is okay and which equipment deserves attention. You solve them and sign up in the system.



Complete the cabin check by signing it.

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