Smart Solutions for planning and tracking in the transport sector

TMS Kipper Transport

Salis cabin check

Track & Trace

What we do

We develop smart solutions for tracking and recording information. We do this with passive and active RFID chips. We started with a TMS for the tipper transport sector and have expanded to the aviation sector. But the possibilities are endless.

TMS Tipper Transport

Our TMS is market leader in planning for tipper transport. As a planner you have a clear dashboard with all available information and you can communicate quickly with your drivers via the on-board computer or app.

Salis cabin check

A complete cabin check on your own within 10 minutes? This is possible with the most efficient cabin check in the world.

Track & Trace

Complete Track & Trace system based on RFID and bar codes. Track exactly the location of particular parts or assets. Among others, KLM was deployed for aircraft components.

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We develop smart solutions for planning and tracking in the transport sector. We do this with active and passive RFID technology. This way we save our customers a lot of money and make life a bit more pleasant. Who does not want that?



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