ScoreTrace T&T is a complete track & trace system, with which you can locate assets at each moment with high accuracy.

Examples of assets that are trackable:

  • RTI (Returnable Transport Items)
  • packaging
  • tools and equipment’s
  • valuables properties
  • persons
  • etc.

The system works with bar codes and with passive-and active RFID. These different techniques can, depending on the usage, used all at the same time. The system will keep a complete history of every asset. Not only the actual location of an asset is known, but also all location where the asset has been before.


  • Barcode, passive and active RFID technologies.
  • Track & Trace in a room/warehouse, but also beyond. ScoreTrace has a module for trucks. The system knows by this module what assets are in the lorry and potential locations where the assets have been loaded or unloaded.
  • When dealing with assets, it is possible to register what the assets are containing.
  • Management surveys, like: ‘where what type’, ‘where how much’, ‘how long’ and ‘how long on average’.
  • Automatically send email, for example on what moment a certain asset arrives at a certain location.
  • Information about quantities per location, per customer (asset owner) and per principal immediately available.